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Ways to Tell if a Man Loves You

Men are rarely the first ones to say I love you in a relationship. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel that way about the woman they are dating, they are just more protective of their own feelings. This means a woman has to be more observant of her man’s behavior. Although he might not say he’s in love, these signs are sure ways for a woman to know if the guy she’s into is feeling the same way about her.

When they start a new relationship, it’s common for women to hide their quirks. They don’t want to scare their new guy away so they conceal parts of their true self in the beginning. Over time, these things are certain to come out and when they do, it’s important to watch for how the man reacts. If he runs away when he finds out she likes tartar sauce on her hamburgers instead of ketchup or mustard, he wasn’t the right guy in the first place. However, if he remembers to order her sandwich the way she likes it, he might be falling in love.

A man who is falling in love will be affectionate in public. These guys will hold their girlfriend’s hand as they walk down the street. In most cases, if a man loves you, he’ll make it obvious to everyone around that you’re a couple. Men who aren’t in love might sometimes do these things but when a man is in love, he will definitely be more affectionate.

Men who are in love talk to their girlfriends about their future. These conversations use the words we and us. Involving a woman in his plans for the future is an undeniable signs he wants her around for the long-term. It’s hard not to notice when this happens and the man may even have to admit to himself that he’s in a different emotional realm than he was when they relationship started. Sometimes these conversations start off subtle. He might just ask for her input on something that coming up soon. If a woman pays attention though, she’ll know this means her man is falling in love with her.