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Grandparents Birthday Gift Ideas

Plants & Bushes

Does your grandfather or grandmother love gardening? Perhaps a potted plant or bush would add to their joy and spruce up their yard. Plants and bushes are great birthday gifts as with proper care they last long for many years. Think of the size of their backyard or terrace or porch before getting them a plant.

Gourmet Gifts Basket

while a birthday cake for seniors may be too much, many of them love coffee & cookies. A deliciously arranged gift basket with gourmet items like coffee, tea, as well as cookies is yet another great birthday gift. Be sure to check their medical condition if they are recommended to keep distance for coffee or certain other gourmet items before buying.

Pet Products

Many of grandparents own pets as their buddies. They find pets the most trusted companions. If possible get a treat or a toy for their pets which would be really a great gift idea for their birthday.


Seniors will surely appreciate a book from their favorite author. Almost every grandparent loves to spare their time with a good read whether it’s a fiction, a novel or spiritual piece of writing. No matter if your recipient may have a shelf full of books; he/she would never deny getting one more.


Everybody has a favorite movie, so as your grandparent. Book a ticket of his/her favorite movie or get him/her a DVD of their favorite flick. Often seniors love to watch flicks of the bygone era, so why not get them a CD or DVD of the movie that they hold dear to their heart!

Most Important thing to Consider

No matter how expensive or beautiful souvenir we buy for them, our grandparents’ love cannot be compared. Your time is the most important gift for them, so make sure you visit them on their birthday for sure. This will fill their heart with cheerfulness and a pretty smile will roll down their aging faces that will work like power booster ironing out all their fine lines. Give them a phone call right in the morning to wish him/her on their birthday.